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Menu & Pricing

Cake Flavors:

Vanilla, Chocolate, Funfetti, Strawberry Swirl, Red Velvet, Spice

Cake Fillings:

Chocolate Ganache, Caramel, Lemon, Cookies N' Cream, Strawberry Compote, Raspberry, Praline, Peanut Butter

Size Options:  (for Celebration Cakes)

7" round -   Serves 15-18.     Base Price: $75

8" round -   Serves 20-25.     Base Price: $90

9" round -   Serves 30-35.     Base Price: $120

10" round - Serves 40-45.     Base Price $150

***Base Price does not include filling.  It includes basic decorations.

Wedding Cake Pricing

Wedding Cakes start at $6.00 per serving for buttercream cakes.  


Cookies start at $60 per dozen, with a minimum order of two dozen.

Celebration Cakes

Base prices are listed above, but they are totally subjective to design.  

Tiered Celebration Cakes

Tiered cakes start at $5.00 per serving.

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