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Your Wedding Cake

We want to make ordering your cake as simple and sweet as possible.  Follow the steps below and let us know if you have any questions!

Step One:  Check the pricing at the end of the page to see if we are within your budget range.  If we are a good fit, fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.  The info on the form will give us a better idea of our availability for your wedding.  We will let you know normally within 24 hours during the week, or on Monday if you reach out during the weekend.

Step Two:  Time for the best part....the tasting.  Tasting boxes are $30.  They include 4-5 cake flavors, extra fillings, 2-3 macaron flavors, and 2 mini sugar cookies.  We recommend you pick up your tasting box so you can enjoy them in comfort at home.


Step Three:  Once you are blown away by the deliciousness of the tasting box and decide you want to book, we'll plan to meet to discuss design, size options, etc and get a contract signed.  A deposit of 30% is required at time of booking and is nonrefundable if you change dates to a date we cannot accommodate or cancel.  We can also do a lot of designing via email, if you are out of town or just plain busy.  Great things to provide us with for inspiration are any cake photos that you love, your Pinterest board, photos you've provided your florist, etc.  Anything that helps us figure out the feel of your wedding, so as vendors, we are all on the same page!


Step Four:  We will reach back out the month before your wedding to finalize all details....guest count, flavor, etc can all be changed up to this point but NOT after.  Your total is due three weeks prior to your wedding date.  

Cutting Cakes

If you're looking for a single tier cake to use as a "cutting cake", we offer them in 6" or 8" rounds.

6" starts at $100

8" starts at $130

We do not deliver cutting cakes.

Two Tiered Cakes

4 & 7" - Serves 25 - $150+

5 & 8" - Serves 35 - $210+

6 & 9" - Serves 44 - $264+

Three Tiered

4, 7 & 10" - Serves 63 - $378+

5, 8 &11" - Serves 80 - $480+

6, 9 & 12" - Serves 97 - $582+

Four Tiered

4, 7, 10 & 13" - Serves 123 - $738+

5, 8, 11 & 14" - Serves 154 - $924+

6, 9, 12 & 15 - Serves 180 - $1080+

This is our basic pricing structure with our most popular sizes.  We can customize most options for your wedding.

We do offer kitchen cakes as well.  Kitchen cakes are round cakes that provide extra servings but are not part of the wedding design.  Kitchen cakes start at $3+ per serving.  

Details that will be added onto the base price of your, sugar flowers, detailed piping, gold leaf, etc.

Cupcakes are not my forte.  I rarely do them, so if you are trying to budget, I suggest kitchen cakes.  If you just like the look, I'd be happy to recommend another baker who is more than happy to make them!  We all have our specialties!



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Thank you! 

We can't wait to design your dream wedding cake!!!

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